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PINCHERS Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (Amazon) - Finger Grip Eyewear Cleaning Wipe - Remove Smudges & Stains from Glasses, Sunglasses, Phone Screens & More (3 Pack, Gray)
Steph Jamie

This product is amazing

Love these little grabbers!

Bought two a while back and love them so much I bought three more. I keep them in every room so I'm never without. They really are the only thing that removes fingerprints and facial oil! Everything else smears them!!! You don't be disappointed!


I am obsessed with clean glasses....any little spots make me crazy and these little grabby cleaners really keep them clean. I ordered two of them and now I need more to keep one in the car, by the computer, and in my purse! They are nice and small and can be stored in pockets, a wallet, etc. Love them!!!

Pinchers Lover

LOVE THESE!! Where have they been for 10 years?!?!? They are far a lot better than Len wipes and those cheap Len cloths of all kinds! These are easy to use and clean our glasses very well unlike the cloths!!


Simple easy to use cleans the lenses out fantastic it is almost like you are not even wearing glasses high recommendations

Nice Gift

My co-worker gave me a set as a gift and I love them. I hate dirty lenses and Pinchers are cool for a quick clean. Fits into my scrubs pocket and wallet, so it is easy to always have one. Good product.

The Future in eyewear necessity

Great idea, very quick and easy to use! I believe this will be the next eyewear necessity. My eye glasses always have finger prints, smudges etc. This makes it easy to keep clean them and hold them while cleaning. GREAT IDEA!!!!!

Hospital Staff Necessity!!!

Working in a hospital you constantly are getting your classes smudged or dirty! These little pinchers are easy to carry around and do a quick fantastic job!!

Clever product!

I just love the design of this product. Literally cleans in a pinch! And cleans better than any glasses cloth I’ve used before. Definitely recommend!

The guy in scrubs at Kaiser

Im walking from the lobby at Kaiser this guy comes up to me with a bag of something. He stops me and says" oh, you wear glasses, dug into the bag and pulled out this nice looking box!! (I like boxes), so he said these are glass cleaners, if you like em please leave a comment, so here i am and MAN, i love them, im gonna order some for my family.
Whoever that guy was, thsnks fude.

Great idea!

Pinchers are great! Cleans my glasses quickly without streaks. Three pack is convenient, one in my billfold, one in the car, and one in the den for watching television. A great invention.

Best cleaning cloth!

I ordered one pack and gave two to my husband and we both love them so much I had to order another pack! This is the best cleaning product for glasses. Love them and will be ordering again soon!


My fave new product. Stocking stuffers for my fave people!!! They were a hit!

Repeat customer

These things are genius! I didn’t think I’d use them as much as I do. Definitely going to get some for friends and use some as stocking stuffers.

These are amazing.

I don’t wear glasses but I do use them for my shades and they work great. I also use them to clean the lenses on my VR headset. They make life just a little bit easier.

Super convenient.

I store them in my eyeglass case so it never get lost. And I love the fact you do not need any type liquid cleaner, one swipe and is all you need.

Surprising results

I was skeptical about this product, but am really glad I decided to take a shot on this. Really work good for me.


The Pincher is perfect, the cloth cleans the glasses easily, and the grips keep your fingers in place, no Accidental finger smears or prints on my glasses! Love the multi pack, they are in my car, bathroom, and Purse!


It’s the finger grip for me. The material of the cloth works at wiping away unwanted dirt better than the sleeve of any shirt I own. I use this product on a daily basis to clean my sunglasses and phone screen. So easy to use and the results are incredible.